Starting back in 9th or 10th grade in High School, while Mike and I sat in the back of Biology and read comics and generally didn't do any work, Mike was always sketching comics and fantasy pictures. [Remember all of the pictures of I-Run man? heh]. Any small bit of artistic skill I have is due almost entirely to Mike's influence; he taught me the basics of how to draw. Now, while my skills are still in their infancy, Mike's have gone on to become full-blown talent, as evidenced by the drawings that are on display here.
Mike's drawings

I first met Bob in College, whilst hanging around with all our friends (Josh, Sara, Mike, Rob, Brian, Paul, etc...) in the Graphic Arts Department. Under Bob's careful tutelage, I renewed my interests in Gaming and spent many nights awake until, well, the next morning, playing our favorite RPG's. Bob's skill at drawing has, to me, always seemed to be of a more natural bent than what I am used to. This is very cool, since it gives me a different perspective from the more artificial sketches that both Mike and I produce; Bob draws more fluidly than either of us do, and it shows in his style.
Bob's drawings

Well, my stuff. Not much to say about it, really. Anything that I have done that I though was worthwhile, I have given away. The reason for this, I have always maintained, is that I would like someone to enjoy my work. Much of what I have done is very heavily based on the styles that Mike and Bob use, and often I use their stuff as a basis upon which I can practice. I figure that if I can draw what they have drawn [even though I have to see it] I will have learned something. This isn't always the case, though.
Eric's drawings

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