stuff that rhymes poorly, worded poorly; some of this is just prose.
As Mike Meyers says in "So I married an axe murderer" …this poem… sucks.

Under the dark veil of midnight,
While all others did sleep
Entered did I a great fight.
My cloak flung behind, with a sweep;
My blades glistening by moonlight.
My opponent and I did go round,
Ducking and weaving in the twilight,
Struggling to put the other down.
Between the trees went the struggle,
Went on over hills, through towns.
With a flick of my hand the battle
Was at an end. My opponent was down,
From his chest came a wet rattle.
As he slowly removed the blade,
With a sigh I wished "God Speed".

>>>>This is a discription of one of the figures
in pictures that Mike and Bob have drawn

The pale red eyes glowing out at you from under the
mane of white hair, the pale white features of a slender
albino drow almost make you mis-believe the legends
of drow cruelty. Almost. You look in the eyes again
and see the depth of cunning and evilness that lie
buried beneath a thin layer of civility.

As strange emotions course through my mind
and my thoughts stray from anything that I
try to do, I ponder the events of the last few
years. I think about what might be because
of these events. Not knowing how all this
is going to affect our lives and the lives
of everyone that knows us and cares for us
makes me a bit nervous. I like that. The
future should be like that; letting you be
scared. Fear tells you that you are alive
and well.
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