Spoken words will fail me.

Once more, I am filled with awe; amazed with God's subtle ways.

In the warm night air as
I walk with you in arm
Adventures bold calling
us to come forth to them

Following train tracks does seem an ironic adventure;
off into the distance they run without end, it would seem.
The thoughts in my head oft do the same, with less purpose
and n'er in such a staight line.

God showing me once again that what I know is of little
consequence to Him.

Although I am often filled with chaos and confusion, and seldom do
I know the path that I am to follow (though I would say othewise,
foolish man that I am), God's path for me has been layed out.

::. Looking Glass .::
Muse! Hear my cry
My well is run dry

With subtle infusion
relieve my confusion

No more can I create
Nothing fills my slate

What vision dids't see
few words cannot fully

recreate such a scene
My skill is but mean

Your aid will I need
Help me in this deed

The lady doth waver
How to win her favor

Thin chance for such
Shall I accomplish much

in the winning of her
heart, perhaps a flower

What shall I compose
to one as fair as thee

The tinkling of bells
Birds flying so free

Breath-taking majesty
Mountain peaks soaring

Pale moonlight sifting
Oceans tides roaring

'falls terrible crash
Furious waters wrath

Cresting and fall of
the Suns constant path

Oh, in clear darkness
what stars stand so near

Plucking one for thee
thru this looking glass
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