Just a bit of my writing; most of which I wrote quite some time ago, some of it from the mid 90's, even. heh Just playing with words, emotion, and seeing what would happen if certain things were placed in a certain way. It's mostly fairly simplistic, standard rhyme schemes like A/B A/B or A/A B/B, some of it doesn't even fit into that, so I don't know what to say about that.

All this and more doth my muse give
Me to say.
Never have I begun to live
Until this day.
The words coming through your
Divine inspiration.
I must write all and more
Sating this sensation.

Lately, more than ever,
I find myself distracted;
Looking for something. Never
Quite seeing it out of the side
Of my eye. I'm a simple man.
It doesn't take much; I've tried
Many things, but I don't need
So very much to be happy. Just
A few simple things, no greed.
Walks in the woods or through
A sunny glade, night skies
Filled with stars, just a few
Of the things that I desire.
Then why do I feel something
Is missing; a spark, a fire.
Who am I, what am I to do?
I know little about what
I'm here for. Maybe for you.

The sweet smell that
holding you,
lingers yet; no regret.
Now, in deep reverie, I reflect upon
Beauty that I beheld; beyond reason.
A look from you could make me a king;
Courageous, bold, there is no denying.
Knowing that the effort was not in vain;
My purpose now clear; no fear of pain.
To live forever; never to be lost.
Making you happy; no matter cost.

As I sit here alone, I contemplate
What fortune has come my way.
Unasked, it has come, straight
For my heart. As if to sway
Me from the path that chance
Had destined me to trod along.
In the cycle of life's dance
'Twas a short while. Strong
Was the force; why resist?
Happily I go along this road
Moving forward; why desist?
My goal is in sight; no goad
Is necessary, I go quickly
With bright eyes and a light step.

Tiny Point.
Brilliant, tiny point.
The light, it sets me free.
Basking in it's light I can be
So much more. I can reach beyond who
I am. To become more than that which I do.
The light begins to fill my soul, fill my mind, feeds
My life. I live the way I should, meeting my needs.
It banishes the Darkness that grasps after my mortality.
With light to guide my way, I can avoid the brutality
That would surely fill my days in the black nether,
Should I slip back, I would lose it all, forever.
To stay focused on the light takes all,
It is truly not so far for me to fall,
Into that repressive black hall,
Court of the eternal dark ball.
Grasping me, with intent to
Take back it all; what to do
It will all leave if I should
Stay. If only... If I could
Just focus on that point
That tiny little point.

Sometimes it's hard to keep perspective,
Like everything is coming down; destructive.
The world seems to be spiraling down all around;
On my shoulders the burden shoves; I hit ground.
With nothing to grasp onto, I start to disolve;
My heart and mind begin to ache as I revolve.
Spinning madly, I flingout arms wide to prevent;
Needing a hand-hold, one finger finds a dent.
Can I hold by one finger for enough time?
Or shall I fall, crashing, broken, supine.
Slipping; is it enough? I begin to tire;
Shattered, exausted, I can withstand no length
Holding on for eternityl I look for strength;
There is none left, I have used it all.
I let go, nothing left but the fall.
Down. Down. Slowly I fade away.
My life; meaningless, shades of grey.

listlessly walking,
wasting the day.
feeling my life
draining away.
no purpose;
no reason.
youth begone;
a new season.
people slip by,
no-one cares.
Hold my head,
feel the tears.

Truth, reality, seeing.
Time, still, waiting.
Silent, outside, watching.
Bursting, returning, believing.
Hope, emotion, feeling.
Alive, breathing, living.

>>>>Alternate wording

Truth, checking reality, seeing.
Time, standing still, waiting.
Silent, outside myself, watching.
Bursting, coming back, believing.
Hope, intense emotion, feeling.
Alive, breathing deeply, living.

The butterfly torn
from the cocoon
must now see
what can be
must now try
to rise and fly
to meet the dawn

The sublime serendipity
Of intelectual superiority
Causing the world to fall
Crashing down on me
It rankels the cockles
Exploding like bombshells
Between clenched fists
Sweetness of your kiss
Gently forcing me down
Into the hard ground
No place to hide
Never looking inside
No getting away
Here to stay
Nothing makes sense
Pushing shoving tense
Let it all go
No way to know
The coldness holds
Quitely it enfolds
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