Sometimes the simplest things take huge amounts of effort.

simple things in life
are so often the best
amidst all this strife
beauty and sweet rest
in a world that is rife
with pain, but a test

simple man tries his
utmost to bring joy
to others, but this
is not the way, boy
he clenches his fist
knowing he is a toy

simply growing tall
and straight is not
enough, you will fall
the tree begins to rot
laughter fills the hall
hitting you like a shot

betwixt and between
all the fighting your
certain to be seen
then upon your door
step the next scene
begins on your floor

you struggle and gasp
fighting for a breath
with a sad hollow rasp
it enters your breast
your hands try to clasp
and slip off to death

what you do not know
falling with a crash
peace is yours though
but deep is the gash
as you leave to go
to heaven in a flash

so the simple thing
that could not be
what but a ring
in a circle, merely
round we go thinking
what can we not see

  -- Eric Huff
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