The mind often follows a strange path to make a connection; these unkown areas, so turbulent and unsteady. Leaving you feeling like the proverbial message in a bottle tossed upon the merciless sea; there is no purchase, nothing but your own thoughts.

Water. The ocean; it's fluidity relaxes us, it's vast and awesome power makes us tremble before it; it's storms an analogy for our lives. Chaos incarnate, the terrible sea; do not lose sight of the tower, gentle reader, for if you do, you shall surely be lost. Swept away, set adrift, doomed to wander the trackless eternity.

::. Strange Wanderings .::
let it pass in to night the deep strangely bids you laden heavy with cries to the sea my thoughts scatter and break like waves before a storm.

much has been written, little shall i share as the knowing that what does not matter to me in my own mind, was merely a clever turn of words, i fear. anon and again anon and anon again and again, but i shall see you when the sun is high and in the light does bloom and whence to the world the night that can not see for the daylight. what matter the things that contemplating circles ringing cleverly round we go thinking what we cannot see. the fall is too long and the trip too short by half where we needs crash into the lost places where the nights deep glow does darkly brighten my path. tangled and straight through the side the day slips past and leads once again to where the titans rain upon the hills made of clouds. not knowing what any of it means does it have to mean to anyone it means anything would to should anything it means but that meaning is but missing.


i shall see you anon, milady, thoughts and maladies are eased in the knowing, and in knowing, there is truth. must we gather and turn over and begin the dances of our beligerent thoughts acting out havok most bellicose. the end, the end, please for so the simple thing that could not be step the next scene betwixt and between enough, we will fall.

Good night, milady, peace my mind, these things can not forever last, they are but now things in the wind blowing, blowing, and to the far corners gone now.
  -- Eric Huff
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