Learning Html
This is the first section on how to create a web page.

This section concerns the <html> element.

Using a simple text editor (I suggest notepad on windows based pc's)
at the top of a new page type: <html>

Most HTML elements come in pairs: <html> is paired with the element </html>
As <html> is the first thing (i.e. the opening), </html> is the last thing (i.e. the
closing) of your web page.

All of the other HTML elements will go between these two elements.

The elements inside of the angle brackets (< and >) are sometimes
called tags.

But, not all the "code" will go between them. Specifically, following
the HTML 4.01 format as described at the W3 Website, to be
compliant, you must declare:
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
or one of the other suggested types. (see the website for details)

This declaration is only necessary if you wish to make your website HTML 4.01

The elements that go inside of the <html> and </html> tags include:


<title> Your title here </title>




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