Camel Spotting

Tell me what do you do when you spot a camel?
I, ah, take it's number.
Ah. Camels don't have numbers.
Oh, well, you've got to know where to look. There on the side of the engine, above the piston box.
Of course you got to make sure it's not a dromendary. Cuz' if it's a dromendary it goes in the dromendary book.
Well, how do you tell if it's a dromendary?
Oh, well a dromendary has one hump and a camel has a refreshment car, buffet, and ticket collector

How many camels have you spotted so far?
Ah, well so far Peter, up to the present moment, I've spotted nearly hmmm ohhhh nearly one.
Nearly one?
Ah, call it none.

How long have you been here?
Three years.
So, in ahhh, three years, you've spotted no camels?
Yes, in only three years. I sorta lied, four. Be fair, five. I've been camel spotting for just the seven years.
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