I was raised in this country[Canada], you know, and I live in Los Angeles now.
No, I do, I live in Los Angeles. It's wierd though because you tell people in
Los Angeles you grew up in Canada they don't know what goes on up here, you know,
so a lot of times you get the same answer, "Wow. Musta been cold" You know?
I used to get upset. I used to explain to them about the four different kinds
of seasons we have and stuff like that, but now I find it's more fun just to go
along with it. 'Yes. Canada. It was a frozen hostile wasteland. And there
was much work to be done if we were to survive the elements. After boring
a hole through the ice to find food, my good friend Nantuk and I would build an
igloo to protect ourselves from polar bears and flying hockey pucks. Then we
would drink a lot of beer. And when Nantuk was ready, he would tell me the story
of the great moose, who said to the little squirrel, 'Hey Rocky, watch me pull a
rabbit out of my hat.'

It seems like we're always trying to fend off these negative impulses, you know. It's like you're with a friend, it could be your best friend in the whole world, standing about two feet away talking to you, and you're thinking, "My goodness, I could just fire out and hit him right now. He would never expect it. He's my friend." The insanity is never that far away. It's as close as saying "Yes" to the wrong impulse. The people who stay sane are the people who can make those quick decisions. "hmmm. Should I stick my fingers into the fan, or leave the room right now?" "Should I run the blade of this razor across my tongue, or just keep shaving?" Come on, you're right there! You could just go (mimes motion of running a razor up and down his tongue) See luckily most of us have that little voice inside our head that says, "Ah Ah Ah, Turning the car into on-coming traffic is counter-productive!" If we could learn to control our impulses we could all be like Jimmy Stewart, you know. I love that guy. Because you know that no matter what happens, no matter how bad things get, Jimmy Stewert can look at it in a positive way. "Well, I guess we're gonna have ourselves a nuclear holocaust. Well, hey, everybody come on over to the window! Look a that mushroom cloud. Isn't that beautiful. And the amazing thing to me is that something so... magnificent. So... colorful, could... just melt your face right off." That's positive energy!

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