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December 7th, 2015
Under new management.
Not really.
It's all the same.
Internets is srs bsns.
This joke brought to you by the year 2008.

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Update: December 28th 2000
Revised Color scheme for site.
Updated site map

Update: November 11th 2000
Removed comments from guest book.

Update: October 18th 2000
Added new pics to the Visual Humor section under Humor. Go there. NOW!!!
Added text under pics in Visual Humor to make it easier to read.
Increased size of animation on menu bar (It's a vampire smiley face, ok).
Fixed font size problems.

This space intentionally left blank.

Update: October 10th 2000
Added a counter to bottom of page.
Nothing else, really.
Added a Guestbook to bottom of page. Sign it or not.
I get paid the same either way.
Wait!!! I updated the Site Map page!!!
Added lots of meta tags to the site. Whew.
Submitted site once again to multiple search engines.
Why do I bother?
It's all for you, that's why.

Update: September 15th 2000
Added Stephen Wright page (under humor).
Added Baldur's Gate 2: Shadow's of Amn character page.
Cleaned up Pics in the Art section, need to do more work as my Editing
software SUCKS!!!
Head... Expanding... Must... Go... On...
Nothing here yet...
Added How to leave the Planet (under humor&$41;.
Added my theory (under... um... humor)).

Update: September 11th 2000
Added pics to the art section. All three sections now have something in them.
Lots of behind the scenes changes.
What? You think this is funny? Come'er I'll show ya funny...
That was funny, eh?
I have moved the older updates to a seperate page.
Coming soon: Stephen Wright massive compendium.
Coming soon: How to Leave the Planet.
Coming soon: My theory.

Update: August 25th 2000
That about sums it up, eh?
Huge additions to visual humor section.
Added BDFH; a bit of strangeness written by, well, me.
World... Not... Flat... Must... Go... On...
Starting the Society for the Embetterment of Ugly People, so I can
run something full of people that I'm better looking than.
I'm not just a member...
Might be a tax write off, too...

Update: July 19th 2000
Uh oh. Two updates in two days? The world will be ending soon.
Added animation to navigation bar. Does that need to be bigger? Tell Me
World domination is imminent, I have a plan.
Bang head here "X". It will help. Eventually.
When is too much, not enough? Good question.
I'll keep going until I find out.
HA. You have fallen victim to the second oldest trick of all.
You don'lt know what trick that is, do you?
The first trick is to never get into a land war with Asia.
The second is, now that you're reading these, you are going to have to read
all of them,in case I say something real.

Update: July 18th 2000
Added new scans to the art section.
Added UNIX section.
Added The Problem section.
Added a links section.
Changed background color to a slightly pasty shade of white
Hmmm... what's that noise? Ah. It's this web page sucking.
Realized that this page is just a waste of (web) space. Good.
Added scans to the motorcycle section.

Update: May 4th 2000
Reorganized navigation bar to place all humor under one category.
Added Emo Phillips page.
Cursed in vain at Yahoo! and other search engines.
Blah Blah Blah.
You're not really worth it.
Added more Inspirational pictures to the Visual Humor section.
Decided to become bitter, cynical, sarcastic, and angry at the world. Again.
You want MP3's? Ask me; I got everything.
Hey, I finally added some color to the background. You like?

Update: April 14th 2000
Time for the once a month update.
Added more lyrics to songs I like. Not you. Me. This is MY web page. Me.
Fixed some of the font sizes that were so small that the Hubble was having difficulty reading them.
Submitted site to various search engines. Denied.
I hear the voices in my head, I swear to God it sounds like they're snoring...
Changed background color again. It is now a very pale shade of off-white.
Hey! I know. I'll make fun of Michael Bolton.

Update: March 14th 2000
Due to an insidiously sneaky attack of procrastination, this site has not been updated in awhile.
Added color to background of main page. It's now white.
Changed life style to become more like Tom Petty. He's cool.
Cripes! I didn't really do anything to this page at all except update the updates..
Decided to spend my days learning to impersonate a mime. Failed.
World domination halted. Pentagon funding has stopped.
Unnecessary blinking text is still here in Netscape.
Decided page is fine, it's you that's lame.

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