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December 7th, 2015
Under new management.
Not really.
It's all the same.
Internets is srs bsns.
This joke brought to you by the year 2008.

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Update: December 28th 2001
Last changes to the page in 2001.
Happy New Year!!!
New and improved want list.
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Update: December 21st 2001
Dealing with women.
Jingle bells, Jingle bells.
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Update: December 20th 2001
I think the whole thing works, now.
What I want.
As the French say:
Plus ga change, plus c'est la mjme chose
"The more that changes, the more it's the same thing"
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Update: December 18th 2001
Added more content to Humor Page.
Fixed most of the broken links/pictures.
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Update: December 14th 2001
Whew. I have updated nearly every page on the site.
Moved all files into individual folders based on group.
Changed the header and footer of all pages.
Made all pages share the same basic page format.
Removed most of the little .GIFs and .JPGs that were
cluttering the joint up.
Should make the page load faster.
I have tried to make the page look the same on all browsers.
About a million other things, too.
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Update: December 12th 2001
Complete update on main page.
Frames are gone.
Page should now load much faster
If links are broken, please let me know.
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Update: November 29th 2001
My Christmas List.
This is my new favorite site.
Ahh Proxomitron kills pop-ups, dead.
My paper on Internet Attacks.
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Update: October 16th 2001
Updated my Marathon Page with 2001 TCM results
What? What?
Stop staring at the screen. You'll go blind.
This is you... *Squish* heh.
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What happened here? I added updates, but they must
have gotten lost. So, from June to October is lost.
Forever. *sigh*

Update: June 21st 2001
Added a new page. It has information on running and marathons.
Added the results of my run at Grandma's marathon to Marathon Page.
Added lyrics to Emo Phillips' Animal Square Dance song.
Humor is really too painful.
So I'm going to quit.
You know, as the days go by, I think of how lucky I am
that you're not here to ruin it for me.

Update: May 15th 2001
Because that's just the way it is, really.
I am just a worthless liar.
I am just an imbecile.
I will only complicate you.
Trust in me and fall as well.
I will find a center in you.
I will chew it up and leave,
I will work to elevate you
just enough to bring you down.

Trust me.

Update: May 2nd 2001
Added some lyrics for my favorite new Aerosmith song: Sunshine.
There, now. Ain't you glad you stayed? Let's play it again.
So much for mind games.
Added that nifty little script (at the top of the page) which puts
a different message up depending what time of day it is. Heh.
Who me? Forget about it.

Update: April 17th 2001
This update is totally farcical, I just copied it from an earlier one.
The downside to being better than everyone else
is that people tend to assume you're pretentious.
Stop that. It's still not funny.
Hoo-boy, how do I explain this...

Update: March 29th 2001
Updated Guestbook. Heh
# echo "HELP!" | mail!BIFF!!!

Update: March 23rd 2001
Added a new picture of my RF600R.
Update: March 12th 2001
Fixed the Guestbook.
Added pic of the new GSX R-750.
This is no longer the web page that says 'Ni'.
I'm just a man in a funny red cape.
Made minor changes all over the place.
Ohh.. there goes one now.... It's scarpered off.
Sorry... more unnecessary blinking text.

Update: Febuary 23rd 2001
Added content to the Literature Page.

Update: Febuary 8th 2001
*dded lyrics for two new songs by Five For Fighting Jainy and Superman as well as audio.
If you want to download files from this site please go here: and get Opera. It's better anyways.

Update: January 30th 2001
Fixed spelling error in the visual humor section
25 style points go to my sister for locating the only error on this web site.
Erhmm... yeah.

Update: January 29th 2001
Holy lots of jpegs Batman!!!
Bob sent me 10 Brand new never before seen pics for the Art section.
Beginning the expansion of the Motorcycle section (behind the scenes).
While I'd like to put something funny here, I'm not going to.
Added more lyrics
Here is a great stock Tip.
Here is a little piece on Razors, Rules, Laws, and Wibble

Update: January 23rd 2001
The Jargon File can be accessed Here.

Update: January 17th 2001
This is a file that allows directory encryption.

Update: January 10th 2001
All I ask of life is a constant and exaggerated sense of my own importance.
Apparently this site is perpetrated only to maintain my already bloated ego.
Erhm... Great. Since I'm the only one who ever looks at it, why not.
I mean, if someone else were to ever look, that'd be different, but I know better.
To see what this site really is aboutClick Here

Update: January 7th 2001
Massive changes to the look of this page
Most of the pages now match
Updated the content on most of the pages
Zippity Do Dah... errr
The downside to being better than everyone else
is that people tend to assume you're pretentious.
Stop that. That's not funny.

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