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December 7th, 2015
Under new management.
Not really.
It's all the same.
Internets is srs bsns.
This joke brought to you by the year 2008.

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Update: November 21st, 2003
Added a little program called wc to the site.
I wrote it.
It isn't anything fancy, but it is somewhat useful.
It gives you a word count for any plain text document.
It does some other stuff, too.
Updated the things you need to know.
It really does do some other stuff.
I'm serious.
It give you a line count, too!
And a number count.
And a character count.
And a non-text character count.
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Update: November 17th, 2003
       …We doctors know
a hopeless case if --- listen: there's a hell
of a good universe next door; let's go
  E. E. Cummings - pity this busy monster manunkind… Updated the Literature page.
Updated my Blog.
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Update: November 14th, 2003
watching hazy lights
  stars shrouded chase

  Heaven gathers rain
  wind whispers softly  hazy light…
Updated the Literature page.
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Update: November 12th, 2003
"Do you question me, as an honest man should do, for
  my simple true judgment; or would you have me speak
  after my custom, as being a professed tyrant to their sex?"
  Benedick - Much Ado About Nothing…
Updated my Blog.
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Update: November 10th, 2003
Updated my Blog.
Not much new, really.
Spent the weekend in the freezing wind.
So that was nice.
My boss is on vacation.
So that's nice.
Just got Opera 7.21.
Yep. You guessed it.
That's nice.
I like being able to have lots of windows open, but all in one window,
  so you can tab to each one, and then minimize the whole thing.
Signed up for my winter classes:
  Database Management and Design (CSC 352 A )
  Programming Languages & Compilers I (CSC 450 A )
Gonna be tough, but should be fun, too.
Yeah, you wish you could.
I didn't think so.
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Update: November 4th, 2003
So, this is how you write a small PROLOG program.
PRO(gramming) LOG(ic) by the way.

listMinusLast([_X], [ ]).
listMinusLast([H|T1], [H|T2]) :- listMinusLast(T1, T2).

?- listMinusLast([a,b,c],X).

That takes the list a,b,c, removes the last element of the list
  and then returns a,b.
Now you understand what my problem is.
What's your excuse.
Ahh. I think I know what it is.
If someone where to give you another brain,
  it would sit in your head, very lonesome.
"My works are all stamped down into the sultry mud."
   - William Butler Yeats
Yeah, I know what he means.
I just added that bit by Yeats today.
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Update: October 24th, 2003
Re-started my Blog.
I have even posted to it.
We'll see how long it lasts this time!
Added some pictures from TCM
You do realize that I craft each of these bloody pages by hand, right?
You have no idea.
There are over 700 links on this site.
Each one, hand typed.
Aged in the finest beech wood barrels.
Drawn from the clearest and coldest mountain streams.
Then poured rough-shod right down the drain.
Because I don't like any of that.
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Update: October 22nd, 2003
Made major updates to a bunch of pages.
Updated the Site Map
All the links on the whole site should now work.
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Update: October 21st, 2003
Updated: Things you need to know.
heh. My good side.
It's good to know that there are a few ladies like Theresa and Melissa who are true geeks at heart!
It nearly makes me weep.
ok. Better now.
In case you didn't know it, you do now!
DST is over on Sunday.
Palecek, this means you!
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Update: October 10th, 2003
Right. New page. Things you need to know.
Why do you need to know them?
Because I said you do.
Don't argue.
Just be assured that, I'm right.
Now, as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says, "Stop Whining".
Besides, you know it's going to be funny, and oh so worth it!
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Update: September 19th, 2003
"Don't touch the motorcycle with any pieces of wood. Ok." A quote by the Doc… a.k.a. Mike Judd
Classes have started up again at Augsburg.
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Update: August 29th, 2003
I had the makings and I smoked
    And wondered over different things,
  Thinkin' as how this old world joked
    In callin' only some men kings
  While I sat there a-blowin' rings.
Me? I was king of anywhere,
    Peggin' away at nothing, hard.
  Havin' no pet, particular care;
    Havin' no trouble, or no pard;
  Just me, filled up my callin, card.
One more thing.
  Why is it my fault?
  So maybe I try too hard
  But it's all because of this desire
  I just wanna be liked, I just wanna be funny
  Looks like the jokes on me
  So call me captain backfire.  John Mayer…
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Update: August 21st, 2003
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
  Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
    And--which is more--you'll be a Man, my son!  Rudyard Kipling…
I know I've used it before, but it is still an awesome piece of poetry.
If you've never read anything by Rudyard Kipling, might I suggest that you do so?
If you can read Rudyard Kipling - The Last of the Light Brigade; and not get shivers… well.
I've updated the Literature page.
Head! Paper! Now!
  Move that melon of yours and get the paper if you can!
  Haulin' that gargantuan cranium about!
  I'm not kidding, that boy's head's like Sputnik!
  Spherical, but quite pointy in parts.
  Well, that was off sides, wasn't it?
  He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight on his *huge* pillow!
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Update: August 15th, 2003
She puts her quiet hands in mine
  Cause she's the brightest thing I got.  John Mayer…
The tiny spark of flame that resideth in my heart, which, by the slightest fanning of mine hand could have grown, has now, by that same black steel clad fist, been mercilessly extinguished.
Got new contacts today. Ahh... To see again.
Just got back from Grand Marais on a motorcycle trip.
It was awesome! No mosquitos, perfect weather, great drive, full moon, good friends.
Once again, proving everything that I've said about motorcycles is true. Heh
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Update: August 8th, 2003
In your house I long to be
  Room by room patiently
  I'll wait for you there
  Like a stone I'll wait for you there
  Alone.  Audioslave…
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Update: August 5th, 2003
Tonight I&$39m tangled in my blanket of clouds
  Dreaming aloud.  Foo Fighters…
I used to be a waiter; I was fired for clearing tables.
  I was clearing them for take-off.
  I had them all lined up outside.
  People thought it was an outdoor cafe.
  I said no, these are leaving at three.
  They were going to fire me anyways, because I said I
  think that they should put the wrapper on a straw on
  the inside, because that's the part you don't
  want to get dirty.  Stephen Wright…
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Update: July 29th, 2003
Hey, check out Todd's new website.
Updated the Faith section.
"Show the same diligence so as to realize the full assurance of hope until the end…"  Hebrews 6:11
Updated the Lyrics section.
Take all your big plans
  and break ‘em.  John Mayer…
Looking back through time, you know,
  It's clear that I've been blind, I've been a fool…
  …And if you want it, come and get it, for cryin out loud.
  The love that I was, givin' you was, never in doubt.  David Grey….
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Update: July 28th, 2003
Men go crazy in congregations
  But they only get better
  One by one.  Sting…
Why you shouldn't mess with a tow rope behind a boat.
Ended up finishing the Torchlight 5K in about 18 minutes and 50 plus seconds.
I'd like to think the best of me
  Is still hiding
  Up my sleeve.  John Mayer…
Speaking of hiding things up my sleeve, I finally broke out a few php tricks.
Check them out on the Lyrics page.
It's a little trick to make adding content easier.
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Update: July 18th, 2003
So, here is a link to a page that is probably going to be linking back to my page:
It looks pretty funny from what I can tell.
The Torchlight 5k is this Wednesday the 28th of July at 8:00.
Click the link for more details and to register.
Going to try and break into the eighteen minute pace this year.
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Update: June 27th, 2003
I'm good at escaping
But better at flaking out
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Update: June 25th, 2003
Just got back from Grandma's Marathon.
Finished in 3:17:42, 516 out of 6867 overall click for full results.
Fixed a few things on the personal info page.
FYI: I sold my RF600!
I am now the proud owner of a 1998 GSX-R 750.
Like Steve McQueen, all I needs a fast machine.
As soon as this deluge stops, I'll get some pictures of it up!
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Update: May 6th, 2003
If I were creating a world, I wouldn't mess about with butterflies and daffodils.
I would've started with lasers; eight o'clock, day one.
How many camels have you spotted so far?
Ah, well so far Peter, up to the present moment, I've spotted nearly hmmm ohhhh nearly one.
Nearly one?
Ah, call it none. More…
Take my heart, take my eyes
I need them no more
If never again they fall
Upon the one I so adore
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Update: April 14th, 2003
This page has been modified, update your bookmarks!
My RF600R is FOR SALE. See below for details!
You have a little over one shopping day to get your taxes done!
You may have noticed some changes to the site. I'll try and explain.
First: There are now only two "Images" on the main page.
The "You Are Here" in the background
and the XHTML 1.0.
Second: The main page is now valid to XHTML 1.0 transitional.
Which means: when they change the standard, this page should work.
Third: Changed the layout a bit more.
Fourth: Changed the Copyright notice from an "Image" to CSS.
Fifth: The main page is now a PHP document, so I can update everything faster.
The sections of the page can now be seperate documents, instead of one massive one.
"Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy." - Charlie McCarthy
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Update: April 7th, 2003
My RF600R is FOR SALE.
E-mail me at:
It is for sale at Maverick Motorsports.
Changed the layout of the front page for a lighter more airy feel.
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Update: April 4th, 2003
My RF600R is still up FOR SALE.
If you or your friends would like to purchase this lovely vehicle...
E-mail me at:
It is for sale at Maverick Motorsports.
Tomorrow is the 2003 Bunker Hills Run.
Need a secret lair with an obvious self-destruct button?
Want frick'n sharks with frick'n laser beams on their heads?
Try Villain Supply. Your one stop evil supply shop.
I'm not just a customer... GROVEL, FOOLS!
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Update: March 24th, 2003
My RF600R is up FOR SALE.
If you know anyone who is looking for a sweet ride...
Have them e-mail me at:
Ran in the Sporting Life - Human Race 8k on Sunday the 23rd of March.
Beautiful day, lots of people, pretty fast race!
My results are here.
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Update: March 3rd, 2003
Added new content to the Music page.
Updated the Archive.
choke v.
 1. [common] To reject input, often ungracefully. See barf, gag, vi.
 2. More generally, to fail at any endeavor, but with some flair or bravado.
If I'm going to be famous, it going to be for this:
 "I would gladly give you the knife out of my back" -- Eric Huff
I am Eric's: ridiculous sense of irony. (It must be Monday!&$41;
Trying hard to put the "un" back in "Funny".
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Update: Febuary 27th, 2003
Added Recessional by Rudyard Kipling to the literature section.
Updated the Faith section.
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Update: Febuary 26th, 2003
Added Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley to the literature section.
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Update: Febuary 18th, 2003
what matter the things that contemplating circles ringing cleverly
  round we go thinking what we cannot see.
  must we gather and turn over and begin the dances of our
  beligerent thoughts acting out havok most bellicose.
  the end, the end, please for so the simple thing that could
  not be step the next scene betwixt and between enough, we will fall.
  peace my mind, these things can not forever last, they are but now
  things in the wind blowing, blowing, and to the far corners gone now.
Strange Wanderings.
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Update: Febuary 13th, 2003
Added some new content to the Jim Carrey page.
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Update: Febuary 5th, 2003
Cleaned up this main page
(Missed a couple of brackets and removed some old updates.&$41;
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Update: January 31th, 2003
A little Zen
  headed your way
  You'll get it
  halfway down the interstate
  Four days from now
  It all goes clear
  A Buddhist riff
  for your inner ear
A bit more Van Halen for you; Me Wise Magic.
Here's the problem:
When I woke up late in the afternoon
  She had taken all the things from inside his room
  I found myself naked in the middle of the floor
  She had taken the bed and the chest of drawers
  The mirror, the TV, the new guitar cord
  My remote control and my old skateboard
  She robbed us blind - she took all we owned
  And the boys blamed me for bringing her home
A little bit of Beastie Boys - She's Crafty.
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Update: January 29th, 2003
That's the thing about self-improvement
  Don't get me wrong, I plan on gettin' some soon
From: Van Halen - Can't get this stuff no more
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Update: January 22th, 2003
Woman... woe-man... whoooa-man.
She was a thief, you got to believe,
she stole my heart and my cat.
Judy, Betty, Josie and those hot Pussycats...
they made me horny, on Saturday morny...
girls of cartoo-ins will leave me in ruins...
I want to to be Betty's Barney.
Jane... get me off this crazy thing... called LOVE!
from "So I married an Axe Murderer"
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Update: January 18th, 2003
"Never will, says the vision? But I always woke and found it
  an empty mockery; and I was desolate and abandoned - my
  life dark, lonely, hopeless - my soul athirst and forbidden to
  drink - my heart famished and never to be fed. Gentle, soft dream,
  nestling in my arms now, you will fly, too, as your sisters have
  fled before you."Jane Eyre
A mixture of remorse and despair.
Regret, dismay, dread, shame, numb fury and a sort of generalized anxious unhappiness.
Deep unhappiness.
What! a speaker is but a prater; a rhyme is but a ballad.
I cannot look greenly, nor gasp on my eloquence,
  nor I have no cunning in protestation.
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Update: January 16th, 2003
Fixed the last updates: some of them weren't working.
Web host hadn't updated my storage space yet.
So when I tried to upload files, they just got erased.
But, everything is back up now!
Updated the Music page.
Cartman sings O Holy Night.
Brak is drowning in gravy.
A nice little parody on wear sunscreen.
Updated "When I am King..."
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Update: January 14th, 2003
Updated the Music page.
Cartman sings O Holy Night.
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Update: January 10th, 2003
Classes resume tonight.
Modified the layout of the main page.
It was getting too cluttered.
Added a new Jim Carrey page.
It''s going to have some obscure and old bits by Jim.
Added another 100 Mb of disk space.
So look for a lot of new updates now that I've got some playing room.
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Update: January 8th, 2003
2003 isn't starting out too badly!
Bought the new Norah Jones cd.
What an amazingly sultry blues voice this young lady has!
I bought some new pens, so I suspect I'm going to be
  updating Rocket.
We'll see, I guess.
Updated my Blog.
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