Moxy Fruvous

Spiderman, Spiderman
Friendly neighborhood Spiderman
Is he strong? Listen bud,
He's got radioactive blood
Hey there


there goes the Spiderman

Spiderman, Spiderman
Does whatever a spider can
Shooby Doo, rock steady crew
Find him an octoped ingenue
With flair


there goes the Spiderman

In the heat of night at the scene of crime
With the speed of light he arrives just in time

Well, no red-blooded boy or girl would miss this Saturday's
appearance of Spiderman down at the local county fair, unless,
of course, they're at home with their collections.

Spiderman's master plan
Build his own little spider clan
In the woods, now they're troops
Fighting for special interest groups
Look out


wherever there's a bang up


You'll find a great big hang up


You'll find the



My spider sense is tingling
Heh, heh, it sure is, in such films as:
Spidey Goes Speed Racing
Spidey Hawaii
Spidey's Girl
Spidey, My Pal
Spidey, The Under Water Adventure Seeker
Spidey, The Fun Licker
Spidey, A Drink For All Ages
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