Splitsville - Ponce De Leon

Just like Ponce de Leon
I've travelled far and wide
When all is said and done
Have I enjoyed the ride ?
You're puttin' me on
Is this the best it gets ?
I haven't jumped the ship
This trip's not over yet

Everywhere I go
I see the world around me
Growing small, moving faster
Will this be my disaster ?
Everyone I know
Has counted up their losses
While I'm still climbing mountains
Tossing coins into fountains

Just like Ponce de Leon
I'm running out of time
I've conquered all my fears
I've suffered for my crimes
You're leadin' me on
It's either sink or swim
And when I think I'm done
I'm ready to begin

Everyone I know
Has given up on daydreams
Socked away their possessions
Got enslaved to professions
Everywhere I go
I'm thirstin' for a chance
To show the world that I'm clever
So I might live forever. . . .

Just like Ponce de Leon. . . .
End up at a rest home in south Florida
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