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Just outside the Badlands in South Dakota
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Up in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area
The fridged shores of Duluth
Chicago Marathon 2009 Expo
Fountain in Minnehaha Falls

Born on the fridged shores of Duluth, Eric was raised by a pack of wolves. Forced to kill or be killed, he quickly rose through the ranks due to his curious ability to walk up-right and turn door-knobs, having opposable thumbs. In this cut-throat environment he learned that the key to survival consisted of a good breakfast with lots of fiber, and to always look both ways before crossing the street. People are always incredulous, skeptical even, when I tell them this story. Well, let me tell you, fiber is a very important part of a balanced breakfast. Just ask the Surgeon General; he wouldn't lie to you!

So, dear reader, you are curious as to what sort of man would create such a travesty a node such as this on the web?

Who could have done this? Was he, as a lad, afflicted with a mental disorder that has left him strangely deranged? Perhaps placed in a burlap sack and beaten with reeds when he was insolent?

Sadly, no.

So, you're perhaps wondering about some of the bitterness, angst, and often out right miserableness that I display in the midst of all of this humor on this nonsensical web page. First, I recommend that you check out the scope of this web page, see what it is is all about; here.

Then, after you've done that you should check out this section here.

By this time, you should have a pretty good understanding of what I'm all about. If that doesn't do it, this section, which is perhaps the most telling of all, should.

Basically if you look around this web page, you will see that my maniacal obsession with my own bitterness is often little more than a sham, put on for your enjoyment.

Or is it?

Never-the-less, it is just a web page; it is only a pale reflection of myself, although some sections are quite telling, they do not paint a picture of me that is as accurate as I pretend for it to be.

So, gentle reader, if you have some concerns about my well being and state of mind, let it please you to know that I'm still out here, doing the things that I do, and I'm going to keep on doing them, because, frankly, they (and my continued existence) irritate a lot of people, and that, more than anything, pleases me. Greatly. Mwuhahahaha

So, as you sit there and wonder, know that I'm out there. And know I'm watching you. Right now. Through the window, over there...

But, more importantly, I'm ending this sentence with a dangling participle, my chair doesn't work.

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