The Characters in: It's not... Rocket Science

click for the full size version Eddie. He has been created to be the "star" of the strip, though he isn't sure why. Eddie isn't really pleased that he's been charged with entertaining people, and would rather sit in front of his computer and play RPG's or Counter Strike. He's hoping that the artist learns how to draw some other people pretty quickly and maybe add some background, too. He is however, glad that the title of the strip has changed to something that reflects the actual talents and ideas of the strip, namely, that they don't exist.

Oh. He's loosly based on my *ahem* rather wretched existance.

click for the full size version Doc. Eddie's friend from days of old, when they would sit in class reading comic books and generally not learning anything. Doc isn't sure yet why he's been drug into this comic, but he'd rather not be, all things considered. Happy that he finally has a picture up, but still wondering why his drawing isn't in color.

Evil Eddie
He's not real. You know that, right? So... why are you looking for a picture here then? Evil Eddie. Evil Eddie is a genetic mistake that is fast becoming a threat to the safety of Doc and Eddie. None to pleased with his creators, he intends to "have a few words" with them.

There are other characters coming, but I'm still learning how to draw them. Shouldn't be too long, though, before some others start popping in and out.

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