*Ok, the new graphics are done.
*It didn't take as long as I had feared.
*Only about three hours to update the whole deal.
*There were some minor bugs that I fixed, too.
*Like the broken link in the character section
to go back home.
*I think I have all of the links updated, and the proper
images in the proper places.
*I finally figured out how to use layers today.
*So now I think I can Keep the images a little neater.
*The new format is a a little cleaner looking, since I
use the graphics program to make the borders, instead
of drawing them freehand.
*They look better, and it takes me a lot less time to
*So, I'm happy, now.
*I have this all finished up, so I don't have to worry
about it.
Original Update:
*I've begun work on a new strip.
*The format has changed.
*The graphics are going to take longer, since I haven't really decided how I want them to look.
*They'll be popping in pretty quick (next couple of strips).
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[0016] chapter 2, episode 6
Sunday, September, 8th [11:00pm CST]
50% done
eddie - Saturday, August 31 - 012:14:21 CST
on schedule. just have to ink and scan.
Eric (Sunday - September 1, 2002) -002:16:34

*Hey! You finally changed the name!
*Good, the other one was kind of lame.
*What was that all about anyways?
*I mean, complain, complain, complain.
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Doc (Saturday - August 31, 2002) -012:12:27