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Results for races pre 2004.

Sporting Life's - Human Race Sunday the 23rd of March 2003
Overtrained and tired, just barely over a knee injury that kept me from running almost all of January and the first part of Febuary, the day was nearly perfect. Temps in the 60's. I had intended this to be a slower training run, but, when the gun went off, I found myself near the front of the pack for a bit, so I took off! Heh Good finish for an early run!
981	Eric	Huff	28	M	283	46	113	237	957	6:45	33:33

Twin Cities Marathon 2002
What a great day for running! The temps were a bit warm, and everyone was running in minimal clothing since it was so nice out; I didn't even bother wearing any warm-up gear out to the starting line, just went in my singlet and running shorts. I had my best time overall, and I would have probably been faster, but I was running/pacing with Darryl, a guy I work with, so I just stayed with him. My training for this race was the poorest, with almost no long runs, relying mostly on my overall fitness level to pull me through.
Summary of Results
number of finishers:

number of females:

number of males:

average time:


1157	Eric	Huff	27	M	M2229	719	108	697	617	4052	7:54

TIME		13.1 Mile	20 Mile		Last 10K	Net Time
3:26:57		1:39:57		2:34:09*	52:52*		3:26:14

* = Taken from Darryl Sannes's time since I ran with him.

Torchlight 5k results July 24th, 2002
Well, the first race of the summer was interesting to say the least. It was raining quite hard during the start, with lightning and thunder crashing all over. The Torchlight 5k was living up to it's name!
Individual 5 km Run    Event Field:      1858
Men's 5k               Division Field:   861
Men age 20-29          Age Group Field:  290

Age/Div/Over  Bib    Name         City, State    Age   Elapsed Time   min/mi
34  89  95    959    Huff, Eric   St. Paul, MN   27     06.22

Overall  95/1858
Division 89/861
Age      34/290

Time behind first place 4.28 minutes

Twin Cities Marathon(26.2 miles) October 7th, 2001:
After the very cold temperatures that we experienced last year at TCM, this was a very plesant break. The temp started out around 35 degrees and warmed up to the mid 40's (maybe even warmer, I never really saw the temp) My training wasn't as rigorous as it was for Grandma's, but everything was still feeling good. I wore an extra cotton t-shirt at the start, but tossed it to the side at around the 5 mile mark, and I was plenty warm the whole time. My goal was to run a 3:30 race, and that was what I stuck to (considering that the start was poor, and I had to wait over two minutes to cross the starting line after the gun went off...). Lots of fun, nice weather, and a good run. I did a cartwheel at the 19 mile mark again. heh. The battery on my watch died on thursday before the race and I couldn't find a replacement untill after the race, so no splits this time.
NAMECountry Last 10K13.120 MileChip TimeFinish
HUFF, ERICUSA 51:491:44:252:38:223:30:103:31:34
Bib No: 4133
Pace: 8:05
Age: 26
Sex/Category: M
Division Place: 128 out of 669
Gender Place: 744 out of 4077
Overall Place: 867 out of 6356

Grandma's Marathon(26.2 miles) June 16th, 2001:
Wow! It was a beautiful sunny day with low 60's for the temp (a bit warm, but still nice). Taking the lessons from last years Twin Cities Marathon fully in hand, the plan this year was to start out easy (1.45.00 time at the 13.1 mark was the plan) for the first 20-22 miles and then, if I had anything left for energy, pick up the pace a bit. It worked out better than I'd hoped.
NAMECountry10K13.120 MileChip TimeFinish
HUFF, ERICUSA 50:161:45:322:40:283:28:323:29:23
Bib No: 675
Pace: 8:00
Age: 26
Sex/Category: M
Division Place: 228 out of 1466
Gender Place: 606 out of 4272
Overall Place: 693 out of 6700

* Means that I missed a mile mark, so I just divided the time in two
+ Means that Brian joined us at mile 13, and we picked up the pace for a mile. Heh.
= Means that I did a cartwheel in the middle of the road here.

Twin Cities Marathon(26.2 miles) October 8th, 2000:
I had a really great start, a bit too quick though, since I started having stomach cramps at mile 15. Once those went away (around mile 18) I started having leg cramps around mile 20+... The lesson: Start out slower next time and take a walk break around mile 10. Heh Still, I feel that I did very well for my first full marathon. Time: 3.51

2000 Mora half marathon results
This was my first race of 2000, and I feel I did quite well. I ran a 7:32 pace, for a total time of 1:38:42 and finished 108th overall and 21st in my class.
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