Unix commands - Grep

grep eric *./

Discription:  Executes the "grep" command at the working directory and
searches all files for the string "eric".

Preceding a wildcard character by a "\" turns off the wildcard character
feature and the character is treated normally, i.e., the expression
eddie\. would yield all occurrences of eddie. but would not yield eddies
or eddieboy. 

Here are some useful options for all three of the greps: 

-f    Matches all the expressions in a given
	file as opposed to the one typed in the
	command line.
-i    Removes case sensitivity so that uppercase
	and lowercase letters match.
-n    Displays the line numbers containing a
-l    Displays the names of the files that
	contain a match but not the lines that
	contained a match.
-v    Displays the lines that don't match as
	opposed to those that do.
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